Microsoft Teams

Can Microsoft Teams Really Replace Your Phone System?

Man talking on cell phone

When I am asked if Microsoft Teams can really replace a client’s phone system my answer is always “maybe.” This question is like asking someone if a blue car could meet all their needs, it doesn’t address what features they’re looking for. Here at Ovatio Technologies, we love Microsoft Teams. We use it for collaboration,…

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The 2020 Business Comparison Guide to Video Conferencing Software

Which video conferencing application is best for your business? If you’re shopping around for a new conferencing solution, the amount of options can be overwhelming. A quick internet search of the most popular business video conferencing options may lead you to believe they are, for the most part, the same. While that can be somewhat…

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How to use Microsoft Team’s “Meet Now” Feature

Starting an impromptu meeting in Microsoft Teams is fast and easy with the “Meet Now” button, you can even invite people who don’t have the Microsoft Teams app (yes, that’s possible!) Simply check out the video: How to use Microsoft Team’s Meet Now Feature, or follow the steps below. Step 1: Click into the calendar…

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Top 3 Reasons to Use Microsoft Teams

Back in March of 2016, Microsoft was considering an $8 billion bid to purchase the then-leading chat app Slack but both Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and current CEO Satya Nadella gave a thumbs-down to the acquisition. Instead, they wanted to push the development of Skype to become Slack’s greatest competitor. Fast forward three years and…

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