We are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Orchestry

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We are so excited to announce our strategic partnership with Orchestry to drive client success in Microsoft 365.


Orchestry, a complete empowerment, adoption, and standardization platform, launched this year to make work simple in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online.


The Orchestry platform takes the guesswork out of what to use and when in Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) with pre-built Workspace Templates, intelligent Workspace Provisioning, an informative Workspace Directory, and robust governance features to enable both IT administrators and end-users throughout the organization.


With a shared passion for client success through digital transformation, the partnership will enable our team to deliver wins in Microsoft 365 governance and provisioning to their clients on the Orchestry platform.


Michal Pisarek, CEO of Orchestry, shares, “After knowing and collaborating with the team at Ovatio TechnologiesI’m elated to announce our partnership to empower clients to standardize governance, provisioning and templating in Microsoft 365″.


More than just a standard templating and governance tool for Microsoft Teams, Orchestry’s comprehensive platform will enable Ovatio Technologies to support clients with governance in SharePoint Online, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Lists, Microsoft OneNote as well as other Microsoft 365 business applications through a single, unified interface.


The Orchestry solution is an ideal addition to Ovatio’s Microsoft Cloud services, particularly with the implementation and management of Teams where governing data, accessibility, and life cycle management are factors that must be determined. Using Orchestry will place an organization on the right path to adopting, managing, and using Microsoft 365/Teams,” exclaims Dustin Willard, Director of Consulting, Ovatio Technologies.


In our partnership, we aim to help ensure businesses realize greater transformative returns in productivity, adoption, security, collaboration, and intelligence from their Microsoft investments.


About Orchestry
Orchestry makes work simple in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint Online with its comprehensive enablement, adoption, and standardization platform. Built by SharePoint MVPs and Microsoft 365 experts, Orchestry helps organizations formulate a roadmap of “what to use when” in Microsoft 365 through increasing technology adoption, empowering governance, and simplifying provisioning organization-wide. Learn more: https://www.orchestry.com.

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How you can get in touch with Orchestry.



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