Verkada and Exchange Attacks: Could you fall victim, too?

Who is Verkada? What happened?

Verkada is an IP camera company. They provide cloud-based software that stores videos taken from their customers’ premises. Recently, they were hacked because a username and password with admin access had been exposed. Someone harvested this, put it on the internet, and took advantage of the credentials. This type of attack is quickly and easily stopped with MFA – Multi Factor Authentication. In fact, 99% of attacks that are identity-based can be stopped using MFA.


Vulnerability found in Exchange On-Premises.

Exchange on-premises had a vulnerability that was recently introduced to the world and within a couple of hours, hacker groups went out and readily attacked. So, what do you do in a situation like that? Identity wasn't an issue here, this is a different type of attack. What do you do when you are in a situation where systems are compromised, and ransomware is potentially being installed, or any other type of attack? This is a spot where Microsoft Defender comes into play. Microsoft Defender has the ability to look across your enterprise at your endpoints, servers, desktops, laptops, even your mobile devices, and seek to find intrusive software, viruses, malware, etc.


How to protect your organization, right now.

Use MFA and Microsoft Defender: two very powerful technologies that will help quickly increase your security stance. Have questions about how to get started? Give us a shout, or learn more about Defender in our webinar: Building Your Security Operations Center with XDR | Microsoft Defender.


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