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Microsoft Names Ovatio Technologies as a Charter Member in Exclusive Content Services Partner Program

By Julie Rotar | Feb 23, 2021

 We are thrilled to announce Ovatio Technologies has been named a Charter Member of the Microsoft Content Services Program. The membership, exclusive to less than 75 partners worldwide, is a formal endorsement by Microsoft in Ovatio Technologies for demonstrating advanced expertise and success in the implementation and migration of content.    To help accelerate customer success with Microsoft 365 Content Services, powered by Microsoft…

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Which Security Method is Best: Integrated, Best-of-Breed, or Both?

By Kevin Freeman | Feb 18, 2021

Initial logic tells us the answer to this question must be best-of-breed! But what does having all the “best of the best” security cost you? I have witnessed data centers filled with point products that don’t work well together and the need for an army of staff to manage their many product complexities. This scenario…

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Spotlight on Chuck Salvo: Chief Digital Information Officer

By Eric Salvo | Feb 16, 2021

  How did you get started in IT? Chuck never really imagined himself going into the technology field, but after a coworker of his introduced him to AOL (you’ve got mail), he was hooked. Buying his first computer while learning ways to build them and take them apart, Chuck developed a knack for self-teaching, from…

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Say F***ing Goodbye to 2020!

By Chuck Salvo | Dec 10, 2020

2021’s 5 Most Important Microsoft Technologies You Need As we look forward to kissing the 2020 dumpster-fire-of-a-year goodbye, we are confident the shouts heard on January 1, 2021 of “Happy New Years!” will collectively mean MUCH MORE than it has in recent history. Everyone has experienced trauma from the COVID pandemic in one form or…

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Five Warning Signs You Have Poor Cybersecurity

By Julie Rotar | Oct 26, 2020

Download the full guide. Poor cybersecurity is a costly vulnerability for your business. Stolen data and viruses can cause significant financial damage to your business. But cybersecurity does not just mean that your technology is set up properly. Ir requires cooperation from your people. Cybersecurity awareness training should be a top priority for every business.…

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Five Warning Signs You Have Poor Workplace Productivity

By Julie Rotar | Oct 26, 2020

Download the full guide. Warning Sign #1 Tech does not function the same at home as it does at the office. Today’s, workplace productivity requires speed and agility. When an employee has to work remotely from home, the experience should be relatively the same. The trouble is this is not always the case. Remote technology…

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5 Warning Signs You Have Poor Workplace Collaboration

By Julie Rotar | Oct 26, 2020

Download the full guide. Improving workplace collaboration is more critical than ever. The virtual work environment requires businesses to think about what tools they are using to improve collaboration and productivity between their teams. Take the first step in improving productivity and collaboration for your business by learning the warning signs your team is struggling.…

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Spotlight on Tony Marchetti: Senior Architect – Azure/O365 and Avid Outdoorsman

By Eric Salvo | Sep 29, 2020

Anthony, or as we refer to him as “Tony” comes from a lifelong IT background making him a more then exceptional fit to our team. Starting out as a Desk Systems Administration, he started to find himself spending time in SharePoint, and from there his passion took off in Microsoft and application development. Although being relatively new to the staff,…

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Spotlight on Dustin Willard: Director of Consulting and DIY Project Aficionado

By Julie Rotar | Jul 6, 2020

Have you ever met a person whose enthusiasm over what they are talking about finds you feeling energized, too? Say “Hello” to Dustin Willard! Dustin helps lead the engineering team at Ovatio Technologies and is a catalyst for forward-thinking solutions.      Why he loves what he does.  Diving headlong into challenges, he finds joy in addressing and…

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