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Securing Your Cloud Data

Thursday, May 6 @ 4PM EDT

Does the notion of ‘the cloud’ freak you out? Attend this webinar to gain the insight needed for how Microsoft Cloud App Security enables you to securely allow employees to leverage the cloud in a safe and compliant way.

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Protecting Your Corporate Identity

Thursday, May 27 @ 4PM EDT

How do we protect our online identities from compromise? In this webinar, we examine the several ways we can protect your organization’s users from hostile threats – including themselves! Learn about password-less authentication and much more.

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Using Azure Sentinel

One Reporting Structure

for All Devices

Thursday, June 17 @ 4PM EDT

Silos of information in a security environment are dangerous. But how can you remove these silos if it means turning over all your security needs to one company? Join us for this webinar to learn how Sentinel could be the solution you seek to manage it all.

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Gamifying Security

Using Microsoft Security Score

Thursday, July 8 @ 4PM EDT

Did you know? Microsoft offers you a free security score assessment! Join us for this webinar and learn what results you could expect from making changes and examine how they impact your score.

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Security Town Hall

An Open Question Forum

Featuring Microsoft Security Blackbelt

Thursday, July 29 @ 4PM EDT

Join us for an open forum where you will have the opportunity to ask questions of a panel of security experts, including a Microsoft Security Blackbelt!

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