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Advancing project initiatives, filling vacancies, and delivering missing skills for over 20 years.

Experienced Recruitment | Candidate Delivery in 3 to 5 Days | US-Based Talent

Access a deep well of talent.

Developing relationships with accomplished IT contractors over the last two decades means we've built an extensive network of flexible and highly-skilled people.

Get to market faster.

We deliver experienced, productive workers in days, not weeks. Ovatio continuously recruits and monitors the experience and work history of our talent pool to deliver the skills you need.

Maintain the right to hire.

You're empowered to make an educated decision on committing to a full-time relationship – GUARANTEED. Save time and money with an elongated evaluation period where skills, personality, and work ethic can be demonstrated.

Experience superior customer service.

We begin our search process by getting to know your organization, its culture and the hiring manager’s non-tangible requirements. We define a fit on capability, culture, and personality. That is a testament to our philosophy – it’s all about trust and relationships.

Trust in years of experience.

With over 20 years of experience, our recruiting team understands the challenges in supporting IT infrastructure and application development initiatives. That longevity in the industry and marketplace allows us to leverage our history with a candidate over many years, not just at a specific period in time.

Accelerate onboarding.

Our enterprise systems track a candidate over the lifespan of their career; from the earliest stages through the development and acquisition of specific skills. This system allows us to deliver to you the talent, skills, work ethic, and personality you need to fit your organization’s culture - fast.

Find the IT talent you're looking for now.

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