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Figuring out what licenses you need can be complex, 

and it's easy to purchase more than you need.

We can help you find the exact fit at the right price.

Ovatio is a trusted cloud solution provider with over 20 years of enterprise experience. Truthfully, we are more than your provider– we are your partner. Engagements with us run deeper than providing technology; we work alongside you to reach business goals, identify solutions that meet your needs, and help you to become more agile and efficient in a modern productivity world. Saving time, money, and growing your business are shared partnership goals.

Why work with Ovatio for your licensing needs?

Ovatio holds over 8
Microsoft Core Competencies.

Our Microsoft services and engineering mastery covers all
3 clouds: Microsoft 365, Dynamics, and Azure.

We are 1 of only 72 Worldwide Microsoft Content Services Partners.

Have a question about Microsoft licensing?

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