About Ovatio Technologies

Ovatio Technologies is an enterprise IT staffing and Microsoft Cloud consulting company helping businesses’ IT scale, solve and succeed. Offering both specialized U.S. based technical contracting talent, and Microsoft development services, we advise and develop solutions for your productivity, collaboration, data management, intelligence, application development, and systems integrations needs as well as staffing across all leading technology stacks.


While many businesses have made a partial or complete move to Microsoft cloud, we recognize that most have not been able to fully maximize returns on their cloud investments. Not leveraging the transformative applications and features available with their Microsoft subscriptions, companies are missing the opportunity to improve their businesses. These organizations also often struggle with scalability; requiring advanced technical skills for shorter intermittent projects, making finding experienced and dependable people highly challenging.


Ovatio empowers these businesses with experienced technology advisors, certified Microsoft engineers, specialized IT contractors, and the highest caliber of personal client service and support to maximize resources, scale technologies and people, solve business needs and reach strategic goals.


Core to our internal missionwe deliver results, we deliver integrity, and we deliver a trusted, life-long relationship. 

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