Azure SQL consulting

Get the best of SQL Server with the operational and financial benefits of Azure cloud.

Migrate your SQL Server databases without changing your apps. Azure SQL Database is the intelligent fully managed relational cloud database service that provides the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility. Accelerate app development and simplify maintenance using the SQL tools you love to use. Take advantage of built-in intelligence that learns app patterns and adapts to maximize performance, reliability, and data protection.

Why Migrate to Azure SQL?

Migrate your SQL Server databases without changing your apps.

Get the broadest SQL Server engine compatibility and native virtual network (VNET) support with SQL Database Managed Instance. This option gives you the best of SQL Server, plus the operational and cost benefits of an intelligent fully managed service. Managed Instance is ideal for migrating a large number of existing SQL Server databases from on-premises or virtual machines to SQL Database.

Maximize ROI by migrating to the cloud.

Reduce the burden of data-tier management and save time and costs by migrating workloads to the cloud. Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server provides a cost-effective path for migrating hundreds or thousands of SQL Server databases with minimal effort. Use your SQL Server licenses with Software Assurance to pay a reduced rate when migrating to the cloud. Save up to 55 percent with Azure Hybrid Benefit, and up to 80 percent with reserved capacity. Learn how customers have increased productivity by up to 40 percent by migrating to Azure SQL Database.

Migrate massive databases and scale up to 100 TB.

Get rapid, dynamic storage with SQL Database Hyperscale—the new, highly performant database scaling technology. Hyperscale enables SQL Database to adapt to your workloads and optimize resources on demand.

Provision one or more additional compute nodes that can serve your read-only workload, and use them as a hot standby in case of failover.

Perform operations in constant time, regardless of the size of the data operation.

Scale compute and storage resources rapidly and independently, without sacrificing performance.

Develop secure apps in the cloud.

Use intelligent protection and industry-leading security and privacy capabilities to:

Control access to your database with multifactor authentication.

  • Leave sensitive data encrypted while in use, with Always Encrypted.
  • Monitor your database for potential threats and vulnerabilities using Advanced Threat Protection.

SQL Database meets stringent compliance standards, such as GDPR, ISO/IEC 27001/27002, FedRAMP/FISMA, SOC, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. Ensure high availability with up to three hot replicas and built-in automatic failover with a 99.99-percent availability SLA.

Optimize performance with built-in intelligence.

Improve memory usage, throughput, latency, and query performance.

  • Intelligent performance tuning uses built-in intelligence with machine learning and adaptive technologies to continuously optimize database performance in real time. Automatically receive tuning recommendations, insights, and performance improvements.
  • Intelligent query processing improves workload performance with minimal implementation effort. Features include adaptive query processing, which adapts optimization strategies to application workload runtime conditions, and approximate query processing, designed to aggregate large data sets when responsiveness is critical.

Build multitenant apps in your preferred environment.

Seamlessly enable DevOps by developing in SQL Server containers and deploying in SQL Database with the easy-to-use tools you already have, such as Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio. Or build your applications with Python, Java, Node.js, PHP, Ruby, and .NET on the MacOS, Linux, and Windows platforms—and deliver with the speed and efficiency your business demands. Maximize your resource utilization, and manage thousands of databases as one, while ensuring one customer per database with elastic pools.

Azure Databricks Integration

Unlock new insights from your data with Azure SQL Data Warehouse, a fully managed cloud data warehouse for enterprises of any size that combines lightning-fast query performance with industry-leading data security. Optimize workloads by elastically scaling your resources in minutes. Get unlimited storage, automated administration, and built-in auditing and threat detection. Integrate seamlessly with Azure Active Directory, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake StorageAzure Databricks, and Microsoft Power BI to provide a single holistic modern data warehouse solution for all your analytical workloads. SQL Data Warehouse is supported by a broad ecosystem of partners, including data preparation, ingestion service, and visualization tool providers. Enjoy guaranteed 99.9 percent availability in 40 Azure regions worldwide.


Get the Azure SQL help you need today.

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