Top 3 Reasons to Use Microsoft Teams

Back in March of 2016, Microsoft was considering an $8 billion bid to purchase the then-leading chat app Slack but both Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and current CEO Satya Nadella gave a thumbs-down to the acquisition. Instead, they wanted to push the development of Skype to become Slack's greatest competitor. Fast forward three years and Mr. Gates and Mr. Nadella are high-fiving one another, discovering Microsoft Teams had surpassed Slack's 10 million daily active users. Perhaps this Teams application is worth looking at then.

Why you should consider a move to Microsoft Teams.

This video includes a quick breakdown of what our customers consider to be the top 3 reasons. We've included timestamps for when they are discussed so you may skip to what matters most to you.

Reason Number 1:
Provides to you, the ultimate collaboration and productivity tool.

Reason Number 2:
It provides a single pane of glass for your everyday work management.

Reason Number 3:
It will revolutionize how you manage meetings and work with peers.

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