Which Security Method is Best: Integrated, Best-of-Breed, or Both?

Security Series - Integrated

Initial logic tells us the answer to this question must be best-of-breed! But what does having all the “best of the best” security cost you? I have witnessed data centers filled with point products that don’t work well together and the need for an army of staff to manage their many product complexities. This scenario is not what I call “the best security method.” Let’s be honest, we’ve all tried the system claiming to “do it all” and is “fully integrated” only to find the truth to be it is bad in some respects and slow in all aspects.

It's high time to play nice.

It is increasingly critical that security solutions work well together and not require a platoon of skilled paratroopers to make this a reality. Integrated cloud solutions are growing closer to this goal. More importantly, they are loosely coupled, enabling you to leverage a hybrid approach where you can use the pieces you want and augment with best-of-breed where you need to. And because the Microsoft platform supports 3rd party integration into the reporting structure, it enables siloed systems to be monitored and have their events correlated by a single system.

So, what is my answer to choosing the right security method?

Go with a hybrid approach based on your organization’s requirements. That is of course unless you want to hire a platoon of paratroopers because jumping through real clouds is kind of your thing. All the power to you my friend!

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