Five Warning Signs You Have Poor Workplace Productivity

5 Warning Signs You Have Poor Collaboration

Warning Sign #1

Tech does not function the same at home as it does at the office.

Today’s, workplace productivity requires speed and agility. When an employee has to work remotely from home, the experience should be relatively the same. The trouble is this is not always the case.

Remote technology problems hurt workplace productivity

The push to the remote workplace makes once minor technological inconveniences more glaring problems.

Take a moment to ask yourself these technology-related productivity questions:

  • Is your company data stored on-premises, making it much slower to access?
  • Are employees’ connections slow? 
  • Are the applications they need to access only available on their office desktop – and they don’t have access to that desktop from home?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, your employee's productivity is hurting, and poor technology integration is to blame.

Warning Sign #2

Employees go around IT to use the applications and devices they want to get their jobs done faster.

Trying to do a job as efficiently as possible from home (especially during COVID-19) has lead people to find creative workarounds such as using unapproved cloud solutions and personal devices to share, store, and collaborate on data.

IT should not be a productivity roadblock

Unfortunately, IT is often recognized as a roadblock to workplace productivity – preventing application and device improvements and not troubleshooting fast enough.

But you can change that.

There are secure solutions and IT consulting services to govern application management and devices, as well as remediate issues, providing the expediency and scalability people need to get their jobs done faster.

Warning Sign #3

People are suffering from meeting overload.

Are people stressed finding the number of meetings they’re attending gives them little time to do work? Have virtual meetings taken over since the quick pivot to working from home?

Fight meeting fatigue with better collaboration tools

Finding the right balance between working on tasks and improving workplace collaboration requires the right mix of tools and culture.

With minor adjustments, businesses can boost their productivity, enabling their employees to be more productive and less stressed. Tools like Microsoft Teams can transform virtual meetings so they are more collaborative and productive.

Warning Sign #4

People are continously toggling between multiple applications to get work done.

In a recent digital transformation survey of over 900 worldwide professionals, 67% said it would be easier to focus on work if important information from all of their apps appeared in a single window.

One pane of glass productivity is achievable

Making technology work the way people think is critical to achieving productivity; one pane of glass productivity is achievable. It's one of our top 3 reasons to use Microsoft Teams.

Warning Sign #5

There is no formal policy for working remotely or cybersecurity training.

People are your weakest vector point in the fight to keep the company secure, educating them is one of the best tools you have to prevent a breach or leak. Without comprehensive policies and training, people’s behaviors and practices are left to chance.

Business security starts by training your people

Don’t take it for granted that people can identify the signs of a suspicious email, or that using their personal computer or phone to access company data leaves the business open to serious security issues.

Cybersecurity awareness training educates your workforce on key security issues to protect your business and avoid security lapses that affect productivity.

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