Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Your Employees are Critical to Business Security

The key to any business is its people, and the key to a successful security program is educated employees. Many state and federal regulations (GLBA, HIPPA, FISMA, PCI, MA Data Protection, etc.) recognize employees are a critical component to an organization's security program and therefore require the implementation of a standard training program.

Employee Cybersecurity Training Mitigates Risk

Ovatio Technologies cybersecurity awareness meets regulations standards through its training and will teach your employees to recognize the importance of:

  • Strong passwords (and how to easily create and remember them)
  • How to manage portable devices in a secure way
  • How to help protect your environment from physical access
  • How to recognize when a hacker is using social engineering to gain access to your network
  • How to recognize and prevent malware phishing attacks
  • How to properly use encryption
  • What to do if they suspect a data breach

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Benefits:

Meet training regulatory requirements including tracking and reporting on results as well as identifying employees who may need additional training

Educate your workforce and protect your business with targeted trainings

Measure the success of your training programs through scheduling testing

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Phases:

  1. Hold discovery meeting with stakeholders to identify required programming.
  2. Perform monthly cybersecurity trainings.
  3. Conduct monthly testing and reporting of employee trainings, identifying individuals or topics that need additional review.
  4. Provide reports of completed testing for compliance record requirements.

Give your team the training they need to protect your business and meet regulations today.

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