Are You Doing Remote Work Right?

Know for sure with a quick and complimentary assessment.

Remote Work Done Right Assessment

Reviews 3 critical areas and includes a graded report, roadmap, and personal review with a Microsoft Cloud Architect.


You may have needed to quickly transition to working remotely since COVID-19, leaving security gaps in places. Hackers know this and have been targeting businesses, taking advantage of the situation. This report will help identify where those threats are so you can remediate them before an event happens.


How are the people in your business working on and sharing their documents and files? Is the data centralized so workers are using one version of a file or are they sharing documents back and forth using email attachments? Make sure your company is collaborating as optimally as possible.


Does technology behave the same way for people at home as it does in the office, or are they operating at a reduced rate because the functionality just isn't there? This can often lead to workers going around IT to use the devices and applications they want to get their jobs done faster.

Remote Work Done Right Assessment Report

Comprises 2 quick steps.

Step 1

Answer the assessment questions – it should only take about 15 minutes.


Step 2

We review your results, identifying your company's remote work maturity level. Using a graded and color-coded score, the information provided quickly gives you a clear picture if you're operating at a mature, moderate, or substandard level, your risk for negative impact, and any applicable suggestions for a future roadmap. Additionally, your report is critically reviewed by an engineer who lends additional technical advice.

Time to review: 30 minutes.

RWF Report Market Ready_cover
RWF Report Sample -page 2
RWF Report V3 -page 3
RWF Report Sample -page 4

Warning Signs You're Not Doing Remote Work Right...

5 Poor Security Warning Signs

5 Poor Productivity Warning Signs

5 Poor Collaboration Warning Signs

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