Security Vulnerability Testing

A vulnerability scan by nefarious parties is often the first step in a cyberattack and they occur on thousands of businesses each day. It's time you know what the hackers could find on your network and devices.

Mitigate Risk by Identifying Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

We can help you identify the vulnerabilities you have, determining what could potentially fall into the wrong hands by performing regular scans against your machines from both inside and outside your network. By taking steps now and implementing vulnerability testing with Ovatio, we will take proactive steps to mitigate detrimental harm.

Security Vulnerability Testing Solution Benefits:

Identify the intelligence hackers have on your systems

Prioritize vulnerabilities and remediation recommendations

Receive detailed reporting illustrating your organization's progress

Take advantage of enterprise-level testing at a price-point designed for small to midsize businesses

Security Vulnerability Testing Solution Phases:

  1. Work with your team to identify a scope of required devices and strategic scan schedule to ensure no negative impact on business processes
  2. Align proactive communications in parallel with scan activity so that the organization is informed of upcoming events
  3. Provide reports after each scan of vulnerabilities found, the risk they pose, and how to remediate those vulnerabilities. We can also provide a comparison of current scans against previous to demonstrate progress and introduction/discoveries of new vulnerabilities

Find the vulnerabilities in your network... before the hackers do.

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