Security Program

Written Information Security Practice (WISP)

Creating an Information Security Program is Challenging

People often become overwhelmed when attempting to review and understand the National Institute of Standards Framework (NIST). You are not alone feeling this way; while the framework is understandably comprehensive, its complex format leaves a majority of businesses unclear and apprehensive about what to do.

Incorrectly Implementing Security Frameworks Puts Your Business at Risk

Recognizing the risks associated with incorrectly implementing frameworks only further adds to heightened levels of nervousness and confusion.

We are here to both simplify and strengthen your information security program.

Our experienced information security engineers will guide you during the process of developing a tailored security program crafted for your unique business goals and practices, including supporting processes and procedures. Your program will adhere to the NIST framework yet be strategically written in a clearer and more recognizable manner that makes the most sense for your business.

Security Program Benefits:

Implement a custom-tailored WISP developed for your business needs as opposed to a generic "one-size-fits-all" program

Empower your employees with clearer security processes written in non-legal terms

Confidently meet your regulatory requirements

Security Program Phases:

  1. Hold a discovery meeting with stakeholders to identify business goals.
  2. Conduct a high-level review of business processes and systems.
  3. Identify security standards based upon your organization.
  4. Develop your individual WISP and review for final approval.

Cut through the confusion and acquire the security program you need to protect your business.

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