Modern Workplace Experience Transformation

Evolve how work gets done and finally, achieve the productivity promises of the cloud in 3 simple phases.

 Today, enterprise content management and collaboration poses a significant challenge for businesses. Continuous growth of undiscoverable information and a hybrid workforce have created a revolutionary shift in the need for technologies that provide employees fast and accurate results to the information they need at the right time, and the ability to collaborate effectively from anywhere. A Modern Workplace Experience Transformation is the single solution you need to finally achieve the productivity promises of the cloud, delivering efficiency tools directly into the hands of your business’ people – resulting in vastly impacting their daily work and the organization’s overall bottom line.

Use a plan that works.

Receive a comprehensive and realistic roadmap for transforming your business into a modern workplace.

Transform productivity.

 Achieve prolific levels of collaboration and productivity with an optimally implemented and/or remediated, modern SharePoint site and Teams deployment.

Automate content management.

 Automate identifying, classifying, and governing content types from legacy storage as well as when its newly created – turning metadata into actionable knowledge across the enterprise.

Save resources.

 Save valuable time and financial resources by eliminating the need to continuously retain unrelative or outdated information.

Improve employee experience.

 Create a centralized daily hub for improving your employees’ experiences with communication, work and personal growth, using Viva Topics, Learning, Connections, and Insights.

Work with a trusted partner.

 Rest assured knowing your modern workplace transformation is delivered by 1 of only 75 worldwide Gold Cloud Microsoft Knowledge and Content Services Partners.

3 phases of mwx - deliverables

Transforming your business into a modern workplace

Ovatio Technologies' MWX solution uses Microsoft 365 best practices, the latest ground-breaking technologies, and advanced training by Certified Microsoft Architects. 

MWX Architecture Web

Phase 1

  • Discovery and Evaluation of Present Content Management
  • Discovery for Microsoft Viva, Learning, Topics, Insights (Optional)
  • Development of Modern Workplace Experience Roadmap

Phase 2

  • Migration and/or Remediation to SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams
  • Discovery for Automation of Content Understanding, Processing and Compliance using SharePoint Syntex (Optional)
  • Implementation of Microsoft Viva Connections
  • Modern Workplace Experience Training

Phase 3

  • Implementation Automation of Content Understanding, Processing, and Compliance using SharePoint Syntex
  • Implementation of Microsoft Search across the Enterprise (SharePoint,  Teams Conversations, People, Power BI, Groups, and Data Sources)
  • Implementation for Microsoft Viva Learning, Topics, Insights (Optional)
  • Modern Workplace Experience Training

Achieve a modern workplace experience, talk with an Account Executive today.

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