Microsoft Teams Voice Services

Now more than ever, businesses need a unified communication hub across the enterprise. Ovatio enables organizations to optimize the power of Team’s seamless collaboration with voice solution and phone system capabilities – together, they are the world’s unmatched toolset to achieve superior productivity.

Implementing Teams the right way requires strategic considerations including planning, governance, adoption, and systems integration. Instituting calling solutions also require specialized skills: network remediation, O365 service deployment, telephone number provisioning/porting, and device deployment. Traditionally, partners support Teams deployment or voice – but Ovatio is unique, we offer services for both.

Microsoft Teams Voice Benefits:

Learn how to best integrate Microsoft Teams Voice considering costs, hardware, and desired functionality.

Identify a calling plan that best fits your business needs: Microsoft’s Calling Plans, Teams Direct Routing (so you can use your existing SIP provider), or partnership SIP services – which are often less expensive than Microsoft’s plans.

Receive comprehensive support for both Teams and voice.

Microsoft Teams Voice Implementation Phases:

  1. Complete high-level assessment of your environment.
  2. Determine critical roadmap areas of voice such as: user permissioning, license assignment, call que, auto attendant, calling plans, session border controller, SIP line, voicemail, automated workflows, support structure, music on hold, conference rooms, common area equipment, and more.
  3. Implement determined roadmap and continue providing technical support.

Learn the best way to add voice to Microsoft Teams – book a consult today!

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