Microsoft Teams Plan + Deploy

Implement Microsoft Teams with confidence using best practices and advanced technical expertise.

Is this you?

You're feeling like too much time and money is spent managing a myriad of meeting, conferencing, and messaging tools.

You're considering replacing the phone system and want to know if Microsoft Teams is the right solution.

You're looking for a centralized collaboration platform to increase productivity, improve communication, and streamline data management.

You need a Microsoft Teams
Plan + Deploy Solution.

Gain back your time and reduce costs managing multiple 3rd party tools.

Empower your business and its people with a simplified, cost-effective platform for optimal productivity, collaboration, and data management.

Identify the potential telephony cost savings and fit of moving to Teams.

Ensure your Teams rollout is properly secured and optimized leveraging experienced Teams engineers and Microsoft's best practices.

Microsoft Teams Plan + Deploy Deliverables Include... 

Phase One - 1 Week

A complete high-level assessment of your environment.

Phase Two - 1 Week

A workshop to identify and develop the Plan + Deploy roadmap addressing the following priority areas:


  • Licensing
  • Security
  • Governance
  • Architecture
  • Application
  • Delivery


  • Administration
  • Pilot
  • Training
  • Launch


  • Adoption Campaign
  • Technical Support
  • Monitor and Reporting
  • Department Enhancement Discovery

Phase Three – 6 to 8 Weeks

Implementation of the determined roadmap.

Phase Three – Up to 12 Weeks Post Launch

Continuation of ongoing technical support.

Rollout Microsoft Teams the right way.

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