Microsoft Optimize as a Service (MOaaS)

Make your company more successful using the 365 technology it already owns.

Is this you?

You don't have the time to train yourself or your staff on the myriad of Microsoft applications, tools, workflows, integrations, and security best practices that could be used to maximize productivity, collaboration, and data management for all the people in your organization.

You find it challenging to control shadow IT, and stay on top of Microsoft's technology changes and new rollouts – especially those that could positively or negatively affect your company.

You want to see a return on your Microsoft investment.

Optimize as a Service is the answer.

Gain back time lost trying to identify the right Microsoft tools, applications, and processes that will increase the success of your organization's productivity, collaboration, and data management goals.

Receive dedicated Microsoft support of consulting and development time across the enterprise.

Better control application sprawl and management complexity.

Reduce costs and realize a rate of return with monthly reporting and value-added service packs.

Microsoft Optimize as a Service Features Include... 

Support Icon-01

A conveniently packaged dedicated block of premium support hours and a certified Microsoft Solution Architect for up to 10 department representatives and 1 IT representative.

Named User-01

Monthly optimization meetings with each department representative where the Architect shares information on Microsoft’s latest rollouts and the department representative can address any productivity, data management, or technical challenges they are facing.

Report Icon-01

A monthly meeting with the appointed IT representative where the Architect reviews a MOaaS report detailing each departments’ need requests, strategic guidance for next steps, tasks performed, and reportable ROI.

Example of a Monthly Communication Structure for MOaaS Service Pack

MOaaS Team

Make your company more successful using the technology it already owns.

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