Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider | CSP

A trusted partnership

Ovatio is a trusted solution and support provider with over 20 years of enterprise experience. Truthfully, we are more than your provider– we are a partner. Engagements with us run deeper than providing products; we work with you to assess your business goals, identifying solutions that meet your needs, helping you become more agile and efficient. Saving time, money, and growing your business are shared partnership goals.

What are the benefits of working with a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider?

Scalability: CSP's enable you to only purchase the Microsoft licenses you need at a given time, scale up or down with your market and resource demands

Flexibility: All licenses are conveniently managed in one predictable billing cycle – no surprises when the bill comes due

Visibility: With a CSP, you get cost-effective pricing and custom packages based on your organization's needs. Also, you determine the desired administration and support levels you want us to have

Have questions about CSP?

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