Covid 19 Office Safety App (COS)

One solution to simplify automating workplace safety standards.

Reserve socially distant offices and equipment, communicate protocol procedures, trainings, contact tracing, and more.

Features of the Covid 19 Office Safety App (COS)

Simple to Manage & Easy to Use

100% Customizable

Only requires a Microsoft 365 identity!

Works across all devices and browsers inside and outside your organization.

Supports an unlimited number of users & admins.

Customizable based on your organization or industry needs.

Businesswoman wearing mask in the office during COVID-19 pandemic

Gives employees an easy-to-use app to reserve socially distanced offices and equipment.

Comply with Safety Standard: Enable 6 feet of social distance inside the workplace.


Provides training and Covid 19 procedure reminders with each office reservation.

Comply with Safety Standard: Provide social distancing and hygiene protocol training.

Surface sanitizing against COVID-19 outbreak. Home cleaning spraying antibacterial spray bottle disinfecting against coronavirus wearing nitrile gloves. Sanitize hospital surfaces prevention.

Automates logs of sanitization notifications at each booking.

Comply with Safety Standard: Provide regular sanitization protocols throughout the work site.

Portrait of young woman on the street wearing  face protective mask to prevent Coronavirus and anti-smog and using smartphone

Quickly performs contract tracing in the event of a Covid 19 positive employee.

Comply with Safety Standard: Create a plan if employees get ill from Covid 19 at work and a subsequent return-to-work plan.

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