Cloud App Security

Studies show that 35% of cloud apps containing your company’s data are invisible to IT.  The reasons people choose to use apps outside of IT’s purview are often rooted in trying to meet a business need – meaning they aren’t focused on protecting data. Operating applications in the shadows leaves your data exposed to mistaken or malicious data breaches.

But how can IT track and protect data in a distributed environment? Ovatio Technologies Cloud App Security Program places you back in the driver’s seat of IT management by enabling you to identify the cloud applications used by your teams and placing rules on their usage. We help you define what is and is not allowed so that you’re in control of your corporate data.

Cloud App Security Solution Benefits:

Manage Shadow IT through continuously monitoring and identifying cloud applications used by employees

Vet cloud applications and block those that don't meet your requirements

Protect sensitive data across all cloud applications

Cloud App Security Solution Phases:

  1. Work with your team to deploy and enable agents to monitor your cloud usage.
  2. Review with your team any cloud applications being used.
  3. Identify approved and unapproved applications, determining which should be blocked.
  4. Review types of data stored in your cloud applications.

Prevent Shadow IT and secure your company data today.

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