Big Data Consulting Services

Make better business decisions with data-driven intelligence and analytics

Data volumes are growing at incredible speeds. Sources such as e-commerce websites, IoT sensors, social media, point-of-sale systems, and more are holding the keys to unlocking intelligent insights. Ovatio offers the expertise and personalized experience for how to best use the cloud and big data volumes to improve customer experiences, increase revenue, and lower costs.

What is Ovatio's consulting services process?

Leveraging big data and advanced analytics is a revolutionary methodology that takes experimentation and an agile mindset. We begin with determining what your goals are, understanding the value your data provides, and identify any present challenges. To best prepare your data and implement advanced analytics, we use a comprehensive four-step approach:


Step 1: Ingest

We ingest data from a variety of sources, including batch and streaming data using the following:

  • Azure HDInsight allows us to ingest data at scale in real-time
  • Azure Data Factory enables us to ingest structured and unstructured batch data at scale, in addition to orchestrating your data preparation processes

We take in and store disparate data that’s being ingested regardless of data volumes, variety, and velocity.

With Azure Blob Storage, we can build data integration pipelines that span on-premises and cloud

Step 2: Store

Step 3 - Prep & Train

We cleanse, prepare, and train your data using Azure Databricks. Databricks enables us to collaboratively build and test ML and AI models in the fastest Spark environment.

We model and serve this prepared data to your applications, bots, and agents using:

Step 4 - Model & Serve

What are the benefits of Ovatio's big data consulting services?

Integrate all your data–including big data–with your data warehouse.

Enable cost efficiencies with Azure cloud.

Retain your data assets indefinitely to meet regulatory and company standards.

Optimize performance with advanced analytics in real time.


Chili's improves their customers' experiences using Azure's big data capabilities.

Get the data-driven intelligence and analytics you need to make better business decisions

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