Application Development & Systems Integration

Achieve optimal application performance

Ovatio helps you leverage the full DevOps experience of developing on Azure. More than 86% of Fortune 500 companies have the Microsoft Cloud, which offers companies a fully integrated stack for any kind of data from on-premises, hybrid, or fully in the cloud, with an open cloud platform that supports a wide variety of Operating Systems and programming languages. Technology Services provides DevOps guidance and support to provide continuous integration, deployment, and automation for all your applications. Everything from code deployment to testing, staging to release, can be automated.

Custom Application Development Services

When out-of-the-box tools don’t meet your needs we can help provide you with application development, maintenance, and support to achieve application business and performance goals. We ensure your application achieves scalability, better business alignment, and a successful return on investment. We also have extensive experience deploying Commercial Off-The-Shelf Applications (COTS) using the Microsoft stack including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and more.

Application Modernization Services

Increasing customer expectations, pressure from competitors, and more intensive security and performance requirements calls for modernizing your legacy applications. Technology Services will work with you to develop a migration strategy leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud.

  • Deliver the right applications for the business faster, with higher levels of quality and accountability
  • Integrate development tools and an approach that drives productivity and agility—across development teams, apps, and release cycles.
  • Connect legacy applications with new—to interoperate, securely—to proactively support new business opportunities
  • Scale and save: expand or decrease usage and cost with fluctuations in demand without disruption to the organization– only paying for what you use.

Azure DevOps Services

DevOps improves software quality while increasing the velocity of development. The methodology, tools, and practices enable improved processes, culture changes, and speed of delivery.

  • Organize source code
  • Track of changes during the development process
  • Increase speed of delivering bug fixes to customers
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Gain platform consistency
  • Depend on software reliability

Ovatio provides a comprehensive evaluation of your current software development practices and develops a custom DevOps best practices utilizing Microsoft’s integrated end-to-end toolkit to enable a variety of software development models

  1. Workflow tools to enable cleaner agile processes
  2. Integrated Source Code control with repos
  3. Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deliver (CD)
  4. Manage versioned build objects
  5. Integrated software testing strategies for test-driven development

Developer and Integration Products

Azure Functions

Azure Functions is an event-driven serverless compute platform built to make development more efficient by solving complex orchestration problems. It enables you to run code on-demand without having to explicitly provision or manage infrastructure.

  • Automated and flexible scaling based on your workload volume, keeping the focus on adding value instead of managing infrastructure
  • Integrated programming model based on triggers and bindings that help you respond to events and seamlessly connect to other services
  • End-to-end development experience, from building and debugging to deploying and monitoring with integrated tools and built-in DevOps capabilities
  • Variety of programming languages and hosting options—always pick the best one for each scenario and quickly adjust to meet business needs

Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Graph unifies API access to the services in the Microsoft 365 suite. Developers can now consume data through a single public endpoint ( With this power, it’s possible to create and manage apps that are built to create amazing productivity experiences where and when you need them – at home, at work, at your desk or on the go

Achieve optimal application performance today.

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