Managed Security Service


Do you have a security program WISP in place but require support managing its technical implementation? Guarding your business’s security is a 24/7, 365 operation, therefore its imperative to have a reliable and trustworthy cybersecurity professional to implement your security program. Common roadblocks to finding such a resource are they are hard to find and often expensive.

Ovatio Technologies is committed to providing you with top-tier around-the-clock cybersecurity care. We will manage the technical aspects of your security program, keeping your business and its people safe with the tools and expertise to identify, block, and mitigate threats to your environment.

Managed Security Operations Center Includes:

  • Cloud Application Security
  • IAM
    • Conditional Access
  • Advanced Threat Protection
    • Zero-day protection
    • Behavioral Based Protection
  • Data loss prevention
  • Endpoint threat management

Managed Security Service Benefits:

Acquire US-based, 24/7 cybersecurity for a fraction of what it would cost to do yourself

Gain visibility and control over your data independent of where it resides

Implement proactive protection from potential cyberthreats

Managed Security Service Phases:

  1. Review your security plan and map our processes.
  2. Identify escalation and reporting procedures for incident management.
  3. Deploy and execute your project plan enabling security tools across your network using an agile methodology so as to support changing business needs.

Get the dependable 24/7, 365 cybersecurity care you need to guard your business.

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