Identity and Access Management

Controlling Access to Data is Key to Your Success

Identifying and controlling who has access to your data and systems is key to the future success of your company. Using compromised credentials is a common way for hackers to gain access to your environment.

Strengthen Your IT Security Posture

Ovatio Technologies’ Identity and Access Management solution will strengthen your security posture with:

Multi-factor Authentication

If someone gains access to your username and password they cannot gain access to your account without the 2nd authentication factor (text code, smart phone app, phone call)

Conditional access

Prevent access based on various criteria like:

  • Impossible travel – for example, we can block someone from logging in when they login from Boston and then from Australia in less than 7 minutes
  • If your organization does not log into your email or systems from outside your geographical area – we can block that or apply additional authentication

Alerts on behavior outside of normal usage

Create alerts when a login is detected from an unrecognized device, outside of the typical geographic area, or if it appears there is a login attack. Alerts help you take quick action to mitigate information technology risks.

Identity and Access Management Solution Benefits:

Implement additional protection measures beyond standard user-name and password with multifactor and conditional access

Gain continuous risk assessment and fixes for identified issues

Receive reports of user access and alerts for potential compromises

Identity and Access Management Solution Phases:

  1. Work with your team to review security standards, mapping your IAM program to meet your security needs and business practices.
  2. Establish MFA and conditional access as appropriate.

Help prevent disaster with the right tools.

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