BankProv Expedites Digital Transformation During Covid-19

Microsoft Teams Plan and Deploy Case Study

"Without Ovatio Technologies’ help, BankProv would not have been able to conduct business and communicate efficiently during the COVID-19 crisis. They went above and beyond to ensure the switch to Teams was seamless for both our employees and customers. In all the years we have been working with outside vendors, we have never had such a smooth experience.”

Dave Mansfield

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The Provident Bank, which also operates under the name BankProv, is a subsidiary of Provident Bancorp, Inc. (NASDAQ: PVBC).

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Business Challenge

BankProv’s leadership team, recognizing the importance of strengthening its technical capabilities for its growing remote workforce, sought to implement Microsoft Teams for unified collaboration and communication, as well as explore how they could improve processes and automation using Microsoft 365. The organization had been using a messaging application that did not support archiving (a feature necessary for auditing requirements) and therefore messaging was not supported for formal internal communications. They also lacked mobile accessibility to any data outside of email, and many frontline members’ devices lacked video and audio capabilities – these aspects made communication and collaboration inefficient. Leadership was also concerned about the rate of any new technology adoption given how busy the bank’s teams had become.

Ovatio's Solution

Ovatio delivered a Microsoft Teams Planning and Deployment in three deliverable phases: high level assessment, roadmap identification, and implementation. Additionally, Ovatio provided Level 2 and 3 support, and conducted a series of workshop trainings in addition to custom-created training videos so that users could self-train on demand.

Results and Impact

  • When Covid 19 occurred, the bank was 3 weeks away from deployment of Teams. Ovatio expedited setup and training over a 24-hour period and using Microsoft Teams as a voice/phone, instituted a support hotline for support issues. Call volume was very low due to optimal training.
  • Within the first 30 business days of an earlier-than-expected deployment, BankProv had over 90% of their employees onboarded, leveraging the meeting and chat features of Teams.
  • People were able to work from home efficiently and effectively during a health crisis.
  • BankProv’s enterprise graded Ovatio with a Net Promoter Score of +30 and over 4.5 stars.
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