Spotlight on Tony Marchetti: Senior Architect – Azure/O365 and Avid Outdoorsman


Anthony, or as we refer to him as “Tony” comes from a lifelong IT background making him a more then exceptional fit to our team. Starting out as a Desk Systems Administration, he started to find himself spending time in SharePoint, and from there his passion took off in Microsoft and application development. Although being relatively new to the staff, we couldn’t be more excited to see what more Tony can bring to the table!  


Why Clients consistently come back to Tony. 

With a strong passion for his work, Tony sees each obstacle as an opportunity to better himself as a consultant. With years of experience, Tony continues to grow his knowledge with each customer while helping not only educate them on the matter at hand but giving them exceptional service that brings them back time and time again. Tony is a true knowledge chaser and is always looking to use these insights to better each customer’s experience while satisfying their needs.  


Why he loves what he’s doing. 

The best part of consulting is having the ability to focus on different challenges and feeding your thirst for knowledge. I like the variety of exposure to issues across all types of businesses and verticals; you’re always learning and applying these new experiences and knowledge gain to the next customer.” 


What does Tony do when he’s not working? 

When he is not working remotely, Tony spends time in the outdoors biking, hiking and kayaking with his family while enjoying nearby Acadia National Park. 

Tony Headshot

How you can get in touch with Tony. 


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