Spotlight on Dustin Willard: Director of Consulting and DIY Project Aficionado

Dustin's Family

Have you ever met a person whose enthusiasm over what they are talking about finds you feeling energized, too? Say “Hello” to Dustin Willard! Dustin helps lead the engineering team at Ovatio Technologies and is a catalyst for forward-thinking solutions.  


Why he loves what he does. 

Diving headlong into challenges, he finds joy in addressing and creating solutions for the most complex of situations. “I like challenging scenarios because they enable me to part of a client’s journey – from the point of most critical need to a place of measurable business success. It’s extremely rewarding to see how the strategic advice and solutions both myself and the Ovatio team deploy truly attribute to our customers’ business success. The productivity gains I’ve seen in my clients over the years are the Holy Grail of why I love what I do.”   


Why clients never leave him. 

The enterprise clients who work closely with Dustin often discover that the line between client and fellow employee blur. The reason for this? The lens he uses is not of Ovatio, but of his customer. He is relentless when it comes to making sure roadmaps, solutions and engagements are structured in such a way that make the most sense for them – both financially and individually. Says Dustin: “You know you have to really listen first and learn about your customer’s industry and company nuances. I’d rather them tell me what they think they need first, giving me all the details of their situation. Once I have that, I apply my skills and experience from the last 15 years to point them in a direction that is the most optimal for them… not us. It’s sad but the truth is many IT consulting companies’ actions are not in their clients’ best interest. That is just not the way I or the team at Ovatio work.” 


What you’ll find him doing when not working. 

The answer? Working. Only this time it’s working on DIY projects at his home. “I always have multiple projects going on at once,” says Dustin. When he isn’t drywalling or installing something in his home, you can find him at the beach with his wife and 2-year-old son. “He is a riot and at an age where he’s testing the boundaries of what he can get away with – like pouring soda out of the can while waiting for your reaction. I can’t help but laugh when I’m supposed to be serious about making him stop! 


How you can get in touch with Dustin. 


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