Ovatio Hires Pam Smith, Office 365 Productivity and Collaboration Architect

Pam Smith, Office 365 Productivity and Collaboration Architect
Pam Smith, Office 365 Productivity and Collaboration Architect

Ovatio Technologies has hired Pam Smith as an Office 365 Productivity and Collaboration Architect. Pam will be responsible for ensuring customer success with Microsoft’s suite of services and applications.


States Pam Smith: "I consider myself a combination of old-school and new-school. ‘Old-school’ because the value of exceptional experience is a must-have, and ‘new-school’ because I am continually paying attention to the newest solutions from Microsoft that could benefit my customer’s businesses. In my experience, an architect must easily adapt to how a customer likes to work as each customer’s needs, level of comfort, and experience with their Microsoft stack varies. Some like to manage the lighter technical work themselves, others simply wish to delegate it to us. Whatever their preference may be, my number one priority is to ensure my customers are confident they can rely on me knowing I have their best interest in mind, remaining honest about what technology choices may or may not be a good fit.”


“Ovatio Technologies is fortunate to have Pam on our team,” states Chuck Salvo, Chief Digital Information Officer. “She worked at Hewlett-Packard for over 30 years and has extensive customer service troubleshooting complex issues. Each customer working with her has been exceptionally pleased in the response and resolution time.”


When Pam isn’t helping her customers, you can find her riding motorcycles or playing golf with her Husband.

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